Investigaciones Black Hat USA 2016

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Concluyo la Back Hat USA 2016 y con ella un sin fin de investigaciones de seguridad para amenizar las calurosas tardes de agosto al salir del curro. Disfrutadlas: 

A Journey from JNDI/LDAP Manipulation to Remote Code Execution Dream Land

Breaking Hardware-Enforced Security with Hypervisors

Breaking Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization (KASLR) with Intel TSX


Beyond the MCSE: Active Directory for the Security Professional

A Lightbulb Worm?

Abusing Bleeding Edge Web Standards for AppSec Glory

Access Keys Will Kill You Before You Kill the Password

Account Jumping Post Infection Persistency & Lateral Movement in AWS

AirBnBeware: Short Term Rentals Long Term Pwnage

AMSI: How Windows 10 Plans to Stop Script-Based Attacks and How Well It Does It

An AI Approach to Malware Similarity Analysis: Mapping the Malware Genome With a Deep Neural Network

Analysis of the Attack Surface of Windows 10 Virtualization-Based Security

Applied Machine Learning for Data Exfil and Other Fun Topics

Attacking SDN Infrastructure: Are We Ready for the Next-Gen Networking?

$hell on Earth: From Browser to System Compromise

1000 Ways to Die in Mobile OAuth

Adaptive Kernel Live Patching: An Open Collaborative Effort to Ameliorate Android N-Day Root Exploits

AVLeak: Fingerprinting Antivirus Emulators for Advanced Malware Evasion

Bad for Enterprise: Attacking BYOD Enterprise Mobile Security Solutions

Blunting the Phisher’s Spear: A Risk-Based Approach for Defining User Training and Awarding Administrative Privileges

Breaking FIDO: Are Exploits in There?

Breaking Payment Points of Interaction (POI)

Brute-Forcing Lockdown Harddrive PIN Codes

Building Trust & Enabling Innovation for Voice Enabled IoT

Call Me: Gathering Threat Intelligence on Telephony Scams to Detect Fraud

Can You Trust Me Now? An Exploration into the Mobile Threat Landscape

CANSPY: A Platform for Auditing CAN Devices

Captain Hook: Pirating AVs to Bypass Exploit Mitigations

Capturing 0day Exploits with PERFectly Placed Hardware Traps

Certificate Bypass: Hiding and Executing Malware from a Digitally Signed Executable

Crippling HTTPS with Unholy PAC

Cunning with CNG: Soliciting Secrets from Schannel

Cyber War in Perspective: Analysis from the Crisis in Ukraine

Dangerous Hare: Hanging Attribute References Hazards Due to Vendor Customization

Dark Side of the DNS Force

Defense at Hyperscale: Technologies and Policies for a Defensible Cyberspace

Demystifying the Secure Enclave Processor

Discovering and Exploiting Novel Security Vulnerabilities in Apple ZeroConf

Does Dropping USB Drives in Parking Lots and Other Places Really Work?

Drone Attacks on Industrial Wireless: A New Front in Cyber Security

Dungeons Dragons and Security

Exploiting Curiosity and Context: How to Make People Click on a Dangerous Link Despite Their Security Awareness

GATTacking Bluetooth Smart Devices – Introducing a New BLE Proxy Tool

Hackproofing Oracle eBusiness Suite

Hardening AWS Environments and Automating Incident Response for AWS Compromises

HEIST: HTTP Encrypted Information can be Stolen Through TCP-Windows

Horse Pill: A New Type of Linux Rootkit

HTTP Cookie Hijacking in the Wild: Security and Privacy Implications

HTTP/2 & QUIC – Teaching Good Protocols To Do Bad Things

I Came to Drop Bombs: Auditing the Compression Algorithm Weapon Cache

Into The Core – In-Depth Exploration of Windows 10 IoT Core

Intra-Process Memory Protection for Applications on ARM and x86: Leveraging the ELF ABI

Iran’s Soft-War for Internet Dominance

Language Properties of Phone Scammers: Cyberdefense at the Level of the Human

Memory Forensics Using Virtual Machine Introspection for Cloud Computing

Next-Generation of Exploit Kit Detection by Building Simulated Obfuscators

Nonce-Disrespecting Adversaries: Practical Forgery Attacks on GCM in TLS

O-checker: Detection of Malicious Documents Through Deviation from File Format Specifications

OSS Security Maturity: Time to Put On Your Big Boy Pants!

Pangu 9 Internals

PINdemonium: A DBI-Based Generic Unpacker for Windows Executable

PLC-Blaster: A Worm Living Solely in the PLC

Pwning Your Java Messaging with Deserialization Vulnerabilities

Recover a RSA Private Key from a TLS Session with Perfect Forward Secrecy

GreatFET: Making GoodFET Great Again

Hacking Next-Gen ATMs: From Capture to Cashout

Samsung Pay: Tokenized Numbers Flaws and Issues

Secure Penetration Testing Operations: Demonstrated Weaknesses in Learning Material and Tools

Security Through Design – Making Security Better by Designing for People

SGX Secure Enclaves in Practice: Security and Crypto Review

Side-Channel Attacks on Everyday Applications

Subverting Apple Graphics: Practical Approaches to Remotely Gaining Root

TCP Injection Attacks in the Wild – A Large Scale Study

The Art of Defense – How Vulnerabilities Help Shape Security Features and Mitigations in Android

The Art of Reverse Engineering Flash Exploits

The Beast Within – Evading Dynamic Malware Analysis Using Microsoft COM

The Remote Malicious Butler Did It!

The Risk from Power Lines: How to Sniff the G3 and Prime Data and Detect the Interfere Attack

When Governments Attack: State Sponsored Malware Attacks Against Activists Lawyers and Journalists

The Tao of Hardware the Te of Implants

The Year in Flash

Timing Attacks Have Never Been So Practical: Advanced Cross-Site Search Attacks

Using an Expanded Cyber Kill Chain Model to Increase Attack Resiliency

Using EMET to Disable EMET

Using Undocumented CPU Behavior to See into Kernel Mode and Break KASLR in the Process

Viral Video – Exploiting SSRF in Video Converters

VOIP WARS: The Phreakers Awaken

Weaponizing Data Science for Social Engineering: Automated E2E Spear Phishing on Twitter

Windows 10 Segment Heap Internals

Xenpwn: Breaking Paravirtualized Devices

Web Application Firewalls: Analysis of Detection Logic

What’s the DFIRence for ICS?

When the Cops Come A-Knocking: Handling Technical Assistance Demands from Law Enforcement

Windows 10 Mitigation Improvements

No seáis malos. 

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